How to Prepare for a Day of Relaxing Bird Watching

If you have pet birds in your home then you know just how peaceful their company can be. However, enjoying the company of birds and relaxing as you watch them prune themselves and interact with each other doesn’t have to limited to your home.

If you love nature and you love birds, below is a great starter’s guide to help you start bird watching!


What Are You Going to Wear?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to dress in the latest bird-watching fashions and trends (as interesting as that would be), however, you will be outdoors and active so it’s important to wear the right clothing.

Treat bird watching as a light cardio exercise and check out items from the Groupon Coupons page for Torrid like some zip leggings or mesh inset tank top. Items like these give you freedom of movement and can help to keep you cool in the sun. Similarly, if you don’t own a quality pair of walking shoes then it’s best to pick up a pair of these, also.


What Are You Going to Pack?

The best point to keep in your mind is that you will be walking around in the outdoors for a long time. While this shouldn’t dissuade you from enjoying the benefits of bird watching, it is important to remember so that you don’t overpack your items and find yourself exhausted before you have had a chance to see any birds.

The main items to take are:

  • Water
  • Energy Snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • Tissues
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera (camera phone is fine)
  • Binoculars

These are the basic items you will need during the day and will be the difference between enjoying a full day of bird watching and having to return home for more supplies.


Where to Go?

If you have a favorite place to go, then set aside the day and instead of sitting there for just an hour, sit there for a few hours and wait to see which birds fly in and out. If possible, try visiting the place at a different time of the day than you usually would, to increase the chances of seeing something new.

If you don’t have a place in mind, look at maps online to find areas with a lot of greenery where there are likely to be a lot of birds. Alternatively, local bird watching sites and social media groups can help point you in the right direction, and may even be able to give you advice on where you can see a particular bird you have been looking for.


What to Do?

Nothing! That’s the beauty of bird watching. All you need to do is find somewhere comfortable to sit and look around at the peaceful surroundings in search of birds. Once you find ones you like, be sure to take pictures of them along with taking note of any other details, such as where you saw the bird, at what time you saw it, and whether it exhibited any strange or curious behaviors.

Bird watching is a great activity which people of all fitness levels can do. If you love nature and are looking for a new relaxing activity, bird watching could be just the thing for you.

Bird Toys – Why Do Parrots Need It?

Why are bird toys necessary for our birds and parrots? More importantly, what kind of bird toys do they need? If you go and look at the pet markets, you can see a variety of toys made of wood. The majority of these toys are meant to meet the chewing needs of your parrot. But are the toys that your parrot needs are just for “chewing”?

Parrots in their natural life are usually busy with finding food and water, and running away from enemies. All these activities require the use of intelligence, memory, earrings, physical abilities. They must use their mind to avoid enemies to find food and they need a strong memory to remember the location of the trees, the water and the hunter. They also need to keep their beaks strong to defend themselves and break the hard shells of the foods.

However, food and water are ready for our birds, there are no hunters around, and there is a person keep the plate full all the time. In this case, how and where will our parrot meet the instincts of using intelligence-memory-beak talents? That’s why we have to provide a space for our bird to fly and play with toys that keep their intelligence and memory high. So the main reason for buying a bird toy is not just for “chewing”.

What kind of bird toys do our parrots and bird need?

  • Chew toys; Parrots and birds need to bite. It helps them trimming their beaks and relieving stress.
  • Puzzle toys; So that they can use their intelligence.
  • Foraging Toys; This includes toys that are “locked” and toys that make bird’s job more difficult to get the food.
  • Gymnastic Toys; So that they can use their bodies, claws: ropes, swings, etc.


safe bird toys

Chew Toys

You can use any kind of wooden part provided it is from an harmless tree. Remember, especially African greens and Eclectus parrots are more intelligent, so they will prefer to play with “different” toys every week. So try giving different toys often. It doesn’t mean you need to buy different toys every week though, just give them one by one.

Puzzle toys

Hide the toys into toys, or use the colors and shapes to make them the kind of toys that can use their intelligence. Also electronic toys that are sold for little kids are this kind of toys.

Foraging toys:

It is very necessary for his psychological health to provide a similar environment for your parrot who is looking for food in his natural life with difficulty. Parrots need to “struggle” to eat. It is not good for you to put food ready for him. Of course, it is necessary to leave a small amount of food for the emergency situation in the food pot, but they must search for the main dish and eat it. You should slowly adapt your bird to it because your parrot has been far from its natural life, perhaps it has never seen it.

Gymnastics toys:

Cotton ropes, rings sold in sewing embroidery shops, linen ropes. These can be transformed into wonderful gymnastic toys. Rope braids, swings, bridges. It’s great to see your bird swaying like a bat. They are also essential for your health, as they allow your bird to move.

Bird Cage – Choose the right one for your Parrot & Bird

It is important to remember that if you are going to own a pet, you will be responsible for their life and comfort. For this reason, you have to know the characteristics of the animal you will own, and the living conditions of it and get a suitable bird cage for your pet.

Since many people do not know what size a suitable parrot cage and bird cage should be, they only have to make a cage selection by the seller’s or breeder’s instructions. This choice often results in the purchase of a cage that are not suitable for our parrots and birds to live in.

Here is a sample of a wrong cage choice;
wrong bird cage

I will give you a few tips that will make our pets live a more comfortable life in their cages;

  • First of all, you should not forget that it is a bird and it needs to fly. Therefore, when choosing a cage you should pay attention to the fact that there is little space for our bird to fly.
  • The birds are not usually flying from bottom to top. They will fly horizontally, so it is important to consider having a longer bird cage in width.
  • The bird cage should not be round, round cages cause birds and parrots to lose their sense of direction. Rectangular cages are the best ones.
  • You should stay away from painted bird cages, they might look fancy but our curious little birds will get poisoned if they decide to discover how it tastes.
  • There must be a grid on the bottom of the cage, that way we keep our birds away from playing with their poops and stale foods.
  • Perches should be wooden and not so thin. Plastic perches will cause health problems in the long run.
  • Avoid cages with a mirror as your birds and parrots will stop bonding with you.


Here are a few samples for good bird cages and parakeet cages;
I will be adding soon!

Here are a few samples for good parrot and macaw cages;
I will be adding soon!


You should also consider adding those in the cage;

  • Cuttlebone; helps trimming the bird’s beak and provides calcium.
  • Water and Food pots; Those shouldn’t be made of plastic, and should be as big as your bird’s head can easily fit into.
  • Colorful Ropes; parrots and birds love chewing stuff. A rope is a good choice as it keeps them busy for a long time.
  • Puzzles; In the wild, parrots and birds spend a long time for finding the food, but this is not the case for pets, the food is always ready! Luckily there are some toys that will make their job more difficult and keep their brains working.

*Avoid getting toys that has sharp edges.


These are the most important criteria before buying a bird cage. Do not forget to fill the cage with lots of bird toys and bird foods!

The better you prepare your bird’s and parrot’s life environment, the more and healthier they will live.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write as a comment.