Individuals have been keeping dogs as perfect guards, shepherd, and loyal friends. However, in today’s world, dogs have extended their role to therapists to change lives of humans.


How are therapy dogs changing lives?

Dogs have been an amazing part of the lives of humans for a long time. Men used to have them as his guards and shepherds. They soon took the place of a companion and a best friend soon. As the man entered in the modern technological world, things changed. The internet became an important part of human life. Majority US residents love Cox internet plans for their reliable and good services.

Nowadays, very human being you see is knee deep in stress and tension. The technology has changed everything about the world and the modern life has its own troubles to keep a man busy. However, one thing that technology could not fade or change is the relationship of man with a dog.

The role of the dogs has been changed with the addition of technology in the world but the depth of the relationship is still the same. The dog has become not only a friend, but even more a therapist of the humans. The signs of astonishment are clear enough on your forehead to be seen through the screen.

Here are some ways dogs are helping humans fight stress and depression nowadays.

Pet Therapy

Pet therapy centers are becoming a common thing in the modern world. You can find dog therapy centers in almost any city you name. Therapy dogs work with medical specialists to diagnose and treat any kind of mental disease. These diseases include excessive anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and feeling of loneliness.

Many studies of US found that dogs help humans fight stress and help bring feelings of calmness and happiness in life. A study done in 2001 found that owners of dogs tend to live a better and stable life with less blood pressure and heart issues. Moreover, the same study suggests that dog owners tend to live one year even after a severe heart attack.

Dogs and Human Physical Health

If you think that dogs only help to fight the mental issues, then you should think twice. Dogs are a great partner to keep you on your feet. Studies have found that playing with your dog and petting him makes your body release oxytocin in the blood that makes you feel happy.

They help you improve your heart and muscular health. Science believes that petting your dog releases some hormones into the bloodstream that have similar effects like a medicine intended to relax a person mentally and physically. The list of the health benefits of having a dog does not end here, to know more you can have one of the many Cox cable packages.

Are Dogs Certified for This?

Now as a human you must be wondering are dogs actually certified to perform therapy services? Well, yes dogs get their training for this activity and receive a certificate too. Organizations like Therapy Dogs International and Pet Partners offer special therapy training programs for dogs.

Majority of the rescued dogs join different institutes offering therapy dog courses. The key factor such institutes look in a dog is loving and devoted nature. If a dog is full of himself, he would not get a seat in the class but if his heart is full of love for the individuals near him, he would not just get admission but will pass the certification as well.

You can even see some of the most dangerous breeds like Pitbull, Husky, and German shepherd admitted in the course. These dogs are trained to behave well with other dogs and humans.

Some Therapy Success Stories

Being humans, you would only believe in the statements and ideas that are supported by the facts. If you think that dogs are unable to provide medical assistance to humans, then here are some success stories of therapy dogs to prove you the point.

Spirit – The Therapy Dog

Spirit is a rescued dog who was abused in his young age but he is so gentle and loving towards humans even after the incidences he faced. Linda Koebner found him at a pound and adopted him. He looks like a crossbreed of Siberian husky and Australian Shepherd.

He visits patients in Montefiore Medical Center located in the Bronx. The patients give their words of witnessing improvements in the patients who were lying still for months and expressions of calmness of the patients who are near to death. He has changed many lives and given unconditional love to many individuals, he even did not know. Recently a documentary was made on his life.

Xander – Kids Favorite

Xander is a therapy dog who works with the child abuse victims. He brings joy, happiness, and fun to the life of the kids once again. The little dog lost both of his eyes when he was a pup. The individuals feared that he would not be able to provide therapy services to patients but proving them wrong, Xander got his certification of a therapy dog.

He works with “Hands and Words are not for Hurting” and Klamath-Lake CARES. His story got published on One Green Planet.

Luca – The Deaf Pitbull

Luca was born with a disability to hear but she did not make her weakness. She carries her disability as her medal and strength. Her adoptive parents decided to make her a therapy dog after they experienced the loving nature she possesses. They taught her to maintain an eye contact with them to understand the commands.

She works with kids who have disabilities and makes them feel that they do not have a disability but a strength possessed by only some people. In the beginning, the kids feel scared of her, as the image of the pitbull is not good around the world. However, Luca sits still with a wide smile on her face and demands eye contact with the person sitting next to her. Once the bond is built, kids leave the room with lots of love for her in their hearts and an aim to live the life like she does- bruised not broken.

Dogs have proved their worth to the man by being on his side all along. Do you want your pet to become a therapist as well? Get Cox service internet bundle and apply for the training of your best furry friend.

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